The dream Castle of Azuchi is recreated in Ise Azuchi Momoyama Culture Village.
The gorgeous Azuchi Momoyama culture is revived through Azuchi Castle. The castle has only been imagined through literature, but now it is before us and we can enjoy the splendor of the castle with its gold covered roof. From the lookout in the castle, visitors can view Atzumi Peninsula on the other side of Ise bay.

Grand Yagura-mon Gate: The grand gate is fixed between two stone walls.

Height: Approximately 40 m
Weight of the stone wall: Approximately 900 ton
Number of Shingles used: 160,000
Gold-covered Shingles: 10,000
Lapis Lazuli Shingles: 50,000
Regular Shingles: 100,000
Number of Gold Foil Sheets (11cm x 11cm): 130,000
Weight of Gold Foil Sheets: Approximately 11 kg
Cost of Gold Foil Sheets: about 60,000,000 yen

Height: 1.8 m, Weight: Approximately 300 kg, Number of Gold Paper Used: 5000

Azuchi castle is a famous castle founded by Oda Nobunaga, a hero of the warring period in Japan. The tower of Azuchi castle is a golden structure with the top covered with 10000 pieces of gold shingles.

The top part of the tower sparkling with gold has a golden room inside. The golden room is a symbol of Azuchi castle.

From this lookout, visitors can enjoy the great view over Ise Azuchi Momoyama Culture Village and beautiful Ise bay. Visitors can feel like being the founder, Oda Nobunaga.

Oda Nobunadga, upon conquering central Japan along with the Kinai (Osaka area), built this luxurious and gorgeous Azuchi Castle as a symbol of the unity of the country.
Azuchi Castle took 3 years to complete and was a well designed fortress that will withstand attacks. However its ideological, religious, and political functions were thought to be more important than its function as military defense.

Azuchi Castle was Nobunaga’s expression of “nation” and represented a great art monument of “Philosophy of laws governing heaven”.
In front of the castle, Nobunaga opened “Rakuichi Rakuza” market which was practically free of tax to promote business. Also he ensured the safety of common people around the castle by eliminating enemies.
By building Azuchi Castle, Nobunaga proved inside and outside of Japan that he was the king of the whole country and he became the ruler Nobunaga, who was thought to be more powerful than God or Buddha.

Costume rentals of samurai, princess, ninja, and more are available. You can walk around in the park with a costume and take pictures with your camera. Costumes vary in price.

●Senior discount: Ages 65 & over (It is necessary to show your ID.) 30% off the each price.
●Discount for the physically disabled persons: 40% off the each price. The same discount available for 1 companion. (It is necessary to show your ID.)

※Preschool children (Ages 5 & under) are free of charge.
※If you pay only admission to enter, it is necessary to pay the following individual price at Yuryo-kan.

Iga-ninja yojyutsu yashiki ・Yokai yashiki ・Onryo kubinasidera ・Ninja shugyo toge ・Nyanmage gekijo ・Chonmage 3D type gekijyo … 300 yen each
Yamada bugyosho ・Oedo gekijyo beniya ・Ninja karakuri meiro ・Azuchijyo…500 yen each
Daininja gekijyo…600 yen

A free bus service is available.
The 9:40 from Kintetsu Toba Station → Ise-Azuchimomoyama-bunkamura (Operated everyday)

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